The Alzheimer’s Association reported that there are actions one can take to promote a healthy brain. The methods we will explore in this article not only ensure you keep your brain healthy, but you will be able to achieve your highest intellect potential. Studies have shown that mental decline is common and is the most dreaded consequence amongst older citizens. The following are methods to keep your brain healthy. There are many natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help boost brain help and slow down cognitive decline. CoQ10 has been shown to help brain health and boost cognitive energy.  If this is an option that you are going to choose, make sure you choose a qualtiy supplement for the best results. Alongside a quality supplement, these are key exercises that you can do easily to help achieve great brain health and function.

Mental Stimulation

Scientists have proven that activities which involve using your brain stimulate new links between nerve cells and can assist in the development of new cells. Activities such as reading, tuition seminars and puzzles help to keep the brain healthy.


Studies have shown that when you train your muscles, you train your brain as well. Exercise encourages the development of new nerve cells and strengthens the link between brain cells. Your blood pressure is lowered as a result of exercising, and exercise lowers the level of mental stress. These consequences help your heart and brain.

Quit Smoking

A study concluded that people who smoked two packets a day had double the rate of dementia when they got old. The study also revealed that even smokers who dabbled in smoking occasionally were at a 37% higher risk of getting dementia than if they had not smoked at all.

Eat a Healthy Diet

The most popular diet to improve brain and body health is the Mediterranean diet. The diet is based on, among other things, fish, vegetables, oil olive and fruit. It has been proven that strict adherence to the Mediterranean diet will decrease the risk of dementia and increase the chances of having a healthy brain.

Control Blood Sugar

To combat diabetes, you should exercise to be lean, eat the correct diet and omit sugar as much as possible. Diabetes can trigger dementia.

Sleep Well

Even when we sleep, our brains are functioning. Psychologists have construed dreams as the brain’s method of deciphering information which we do not fully comprehend. It is because of this concept that we solve our problems by sleeping on them. In order to perform at your peak, it is advisable to get around 8 hours of sleep a night.

Avoid Alcohol Abuse

Women are advised to consume only one drink a day and men have been advised to two drinks per day. The level advised has been shown to protect one from dementia. If you indulge in higher alcohol consumption than advised by health experts, it can lead to a stroke and dementia.

Wear Head Protection

Injuries sustained to the head, even if it’s not a concussion, may result in dementia and epilepsy. Therefore, it is advisable to wear helmets and seatbelts to minimize the risk of head injury.

Brain health should not be taken for granted, hence, incorporating the aforementioned guidelines into your lifestyle is highly recommended. Besides having a healthy diet, exercising and omitting poor lifestyle choices, scientists have suggested that it is important to be social to keep the brain healthy. Social interactions stimulate the mind and encourage joy.

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