CoQ10, short for Coenzyme Q10, is a coenzyme that resides in the mitochondria and is present in every cell of the body. Although it can also be found in larger quantities in the pancreas, liver kidneys and heart. Its primary function is to help mitochondrial enzymes turn dietary nutrients into ATP and to protect the authenticity of mitochondrial membranes. It is possible to increase your COQ10 intake through diet with foods like organ meats, lentils and vegetables like broccoli and Brussel sprouts but many will find it easier to take a supplement in order to ensure that that they get an effective amount. In the past decade, CoQ10 has been discovered to have a variety of health benefits that can affect weight loss, cardiovascular health, cancer, muscular dystrophy and periodontal disease. Continue reading to get an in-depth look at the various health benefits CoQ10 has to offer.

Heart Health

The CoQ10 enzyme help maintains LDL cholesterol regular oxidative condition. It also improves better blood circulation to the heart and the optimal function of the cardiac muscles. One of CoQ10’s primary functions is to protect cells from oxidative stress which can help safeguard the arterial walls against dangers like fat deposits. Having a heart condition can affect the heart in a way that it cannot function normally. Research has found that patients who supplemented their diets with CoQ10 saw a significant improvement in their symptoms and had half the chance of dying from repeat heart failure than those who do not supplement.

Weight Loss

CoQ10 is a strong antioxidant that can help rid the body of harmful toxins which can lead to an optimized metabolic rate. Antioxidants neutralize free particles that protect your skin from damage. Furthermore, in order for your body to produce energy from carbohydrates, it requires CoQ10. It is a coenzyme to ATP which is a molecule that your cells use as their main source of energy. It is also believed that CoQ10 can raise your energy levels for better and more efficient workouts. This is due to the fact that CoQ10 doubles the body’s levels of antibodies which in turn can protect it from underlying diseases or viruses.

Stronger Hair

CoQ10 boosts the production of hair keratins. It has an anti-aging effect on hair and fights free radical damages that cause hair to fall out. Furthermore, CoQ10 is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals that cause oxidative stress and damage DNA cells. It also can also restore levels of vitamin C and E which are two vitamins that the hair needs to maintain its health and to prevent it from falling out.

Treatment and Prevention of Genetic Diseases

CoQ10 has been found to have an effect on a variety of genetic disorders that are due to mitochondrial malfunction. CoQ10 fights the low energy impact of mitochondria dysfunction and restores the energy that the body needs. CoQ10 has been shown to be beneficial for diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease.

Research has shown that the benefits of CoQ10 are undeniable. Talk to your doctor about how to safely supplement CoQ10 into your diet so that you too can derive from its benefits.

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