Coenzyme Q10, better known as CoQ10, is found and produced naturally in your body. It helps maintain cell health by working with the mitochondria of the cell, providing energy for the cells to grow and stay healthy. All of this energy helps many bodily functions, like regulating heart rate and blood pressure or boosting the immune system. It also helps the body release antioxidants and therefore is great for skin health as well.

CoQ10 is found in a mixture of many different foods and vegetables. Oily fish, organ meats, legumes and some seeds all contain small amounts of CoQ10. However, a CoQ10 supplement is recommended to people who may have a risk of high blood pressure, or are taking medications under the category of “statins”, which is a group of medications that help lower blood pressure.

CoQ10 in Creams and Shampoos

CoQ10 works with other enzymes to stop oxygen from harming skin cells. It breaks down damaging processes to cells and can even help reverse the damage of sick or dying cells. Visually, this means that CoQ10 can help smooth wrinkles in the skin and help the skin appear tighter and fresher for a more youthful appearance. Hair follicles also benefit from CoQ10, as it strengthens the hair and allows it to be more elastic. Brittle, thin hair leads to split ends and even hair loss. These effects can be stopped and healed by using CoQ10 in beauty products. Many products containing CoQ10 are moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, and other skin-care products. The presence of CoQ10 boosts the price of these products, but investing more in your beauty routine is maybe something you’d want to add to your life.

CoQ10 Treating Certain Diseases

This dual-action coenzyme not only could be added to your skin care techniques, but it also helps relieve many symptoms of heart diseases and brain disorders. Because CoQ10 helps move oxygen throughout the body, it prevents damage from free radicals. Free radical damage can result in cell damage and it is hard to reverse; only antioxidants can help with this process. If you suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer’s, depression, or migraines, a supplement of CoQ10 added to your diet may benefit you greatly. There have been many studies on patients taking statins for high blood pressure, whose CoQ10 levels are way below normal. CoQ10 is a natural way can relieve muscle cramping, headaches, and lower blood pressure.

Obtaining CoQ10

It is highly advised to ask your doctor about taking a CoQ10 supplement. Although there are no recorded symptoms if you are taking too much CoQ10, an added amount of this coenzyme might reverse the effects of other medications you may be taking. For example, if you have diabetes, it is discouraged to take CoQ10 because it decreases the amount of insulin in your blood.

CoQ10 capsules can be found in most health food stores. It is often sold as a combined pill with Omega-3, as it is a fat-soluble coenzyme and should be taken with food. Creams or other beauty products with CoQ10 can be purchased online, where you can read about their benefits and prices thoroughly.

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