What is Healthy Origins CoQ10?

This is our review for Healthy Origins CoQ10. Healthy Origins CoQ10 is a dietary supplement that contains Kaneka Q10, also referred to as Ubiquinone. It is designed to help the body with the production of energy in the most important parts of the body, such as the heart and kidney. The manufacturer claims that this product is natural, and is manufactured exclusively through a process of yeast fermentation. According to the manufacturer, this product is of pharmaceutical grade, which makes it the highest quality on the market.


The main ingredient of Healthy Origins CoQ10 is the oxidised form of CoQ10, known as Ubiquinone.

Ubiquinone is a substance that occurs naturally and is responsible for the production of cellular energy. 95% of the energy that your body produces takes place through this enzyme, hence it is so important to ensure that you have enough of it in your body.

Inactive Ingredients: Gelatin, Purified water, Glycerin, Natural Beeswax and Pure cold-pressed olive oil.


The recommended dose is one softgel once or twice daily, taken with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional. It is not indicated when you should decide to take it once and when you should take it twice a day.


Healthy Origins CoQ10 is available in bottles of 60, 150 and 300 capsules. The price for 60 capsules ranges between $10.26  and $19.03, 150 capsules cost between $24.29 and $41.36, and 300 capsules cost between $37.92 and $45.89 from third-party retailers. The manufacturer sells the 150 softgel bottle only, at $62.99. You can only buy it online as it is available through this platform.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects are rare but possible. The possible side effects that occur from taking CoQ10 are stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite. CoQ10 is also known for thinning the blood, which makes it concerning for people with high blood pressure. It is always advisable to consult with your doctor if you have a medical condition since CoQ10 interacts with different types of drugs.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We could not find any information relating to the manufacturer’s guarantee. We trust that we would have found it if it existed. It is a bit worrying that there is no satisfaction or money-back guarantee, as it means that the customer stands to lose if the product does not work.

Healthy Origins CoQ10 Review – The Bottom Line

Healthy Origins CoQ10 is a promising product because it contains a natural CoQ10. CoQ10 is known for its ability to provide the body with the energy that it needs to help the most important body organs to function at their best. However, we could not find what the manufacturer claims makes the product to be of highest quality. Instead we realised that the manufacturer does not have that much confidence on the product, as they do not offer any form of guarantee. This means that you are on your own if you buy Healthy Origins CoQ10. You will not be able to return it to receive your money back if it does not work or if you develop side effects. Considering that you might experience some side effects from using the supplement, it would not be wise to buy it, especially knowing that there is no guarantee.

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